January 3, 2009


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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to my home on the World Wide Web. As a scholar and writer whose work is primarily situated at the crossroads of African American Studies and Religious Studies, it is my hope that this site will be an intellectual space for any and all who are interested in race and religion – as they intersect and diverge – in the United States, throughout the African Diaspora and around the globe.

As a person whose faith continues to compel a practical engagement with and commitment to helping pose solutions to problems faced by folks every day on the ground, I pray that this site might be a resource for your work and service.

As a young man who came of age during the rise of Hip Hop, I am confident that in part through a deep engagement with the complexities of culture we can continue to imagine a more beautiful vision of what it means to human beings at the dawn of the new millennium.

I look forward to continuing the conversation…


Josef Sorett

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